Olivia is the best baby ever

fun with babyGod, that is so not true. For instance, i’m in here not paying much attention to her (great mommy skills, i get it) and suddenly it goes quiet in the LR. I lean backwards to look. The TV is off. I get up to see why and she starts running behind the couch, which we moved forward a couple feet for the purpose of her running behind it. She has the remote. Next starts a tug of war which i nearly lose due to her freakishly powerful upper body strength. She screams something at me which sounds kind of like ‘omma cot iggoo!!’ and cries until she realizes I’m not giving it back, then goes about her business of trying to pull the humidifier off the end table. She figured out months ago how to turn the TV off by the button on the front so now she’s doing that. Whatever. The dr. said to get her off bottles and formula so I’m trying like hell to wean her from the two. I ended up just cutting her off cold turkey. I haven’t gotten much protesting since i replaced her formula with Horizon organic milk (she wouldn’t touch soy milk even though she had soy formula) with a little bit of Hershey’s syrup in it. I bought a bunch of disposable/recyclable cups and we’re good to go. So far.

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