baby, it’s cold outside

img_0501.jpgHere i am in the midwest and it’s got to be below zero out there. i made some yummy chocolate chip cupcake/muffins yesterday and they were fabulous and moist and now they are gone. i didn’t bother taking a picture because they were white on top. Not very intersting to look at, but suffice it to say, the inside was chock full of..well, chocolate. And moistness. Did i mention they were moist? It does hurt a little to kiss my own ass, but i don’t care. They were THAT good. I got a book in the mail called 500 cupcakes and even though it says on the inside cover that this is the only compendium of cupcakes i will ever need, i still feel that i need more. Some of the recipes are a little strange. My collection of Wonder Woman weirdness(including a box of macaroni and cheese with Wonder Woman on the front and her insignia soon to be tattooed on the back of my neck) does indeed imply that I am all about strange, but something about couscous and onion cupcakes, or eggplant and caviar cupcakes makes me somewhat ill.


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