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mocha mousse cheesecakes


So here is the recipe for the yummy mini cheesecakes i made the other day that went pretty fast, i must say. I messed around with the original recipe mainly because it needed it. Oh, and i used chocolate teddy grahams because thats what i have at my house.

Mocha mousse cheesecakes

Oven at 325


1 cup chocolate cookie crumbs (teddy grahams!!)

4 tbsp butter, melted



3 pkg cream cheese, soft

½ cup sugar

½  cup light brown sugar

1 cup sour cream

3 eggs

1 ¼ cups semi sweet choc chips, melted

½ cup coffee, cooled

1 tbsp vanilla



¾ cup semisweet choc.

¼ cup butter, softened


Combine crumbs and butter to form a coarse meal. Put 1-2 tbsp into each LINED muffin cup. Press down. Chill while making filling. Combine cream cheese, sugars, sour cream. Add eggs, beat until smooth. Add melted chocolate, coffee, vanilla, beat again until smooth. Pour filling into prepared muffin cups, bake for 20 -25 minutes. Remove from oven, cool completely. Make glaze by melting choc and butter and stir. Pour glaze over top of cheesecakes then smooth with spatula. Refrigerate until firm.

I wouldn’t try eating these until they are completely cooled and chilled otherwise they don’t taste like mousse, just uncooked cheesecake filling. Oh, and once you have that glaze on the top and it hardens from the fridge, take it out and let it get back to room temp. Rad! One more thing, isn’t it funny how at the beginning of the recipe i have 4 Tbsp, but at the end i have 1/4 cup? Not funny so much as stupid. My bad.

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003.jpgI made the most fantastic mini cheesecakes a few days ago. Even my husband loved them. He actually called me at work to tell me how wonderful he thought they were. This is the guy who tells me my stuff isn’t chocolaty enough or there’s not enough frosting or what have you. He is my absolute worst critic and i hate it. He knows absolutely nothing about baking and in the almost 8 years we’ve been together, he’s stepped into this kitchen to cook, clean or bake maybe twice, so he does not get taken seriously. Ever. He sucks at equal partnership.

So, i found this recipe in a cook book i got from a friend a million years ago and i dicked with it just enough to make them minis and it worked out great. The only thing I’m doing different next time is more butter in the crust. Her recipe did not call for enough.

Exciting news! When I got my tax return, i decided to treat myself to a new ensemble and i just got word that it’s on its way. I got the cutest ever pencil skirt with a rocket on it from but also rad looking shiny heels from . I still have to find some type of top to go with it and preferably NOT something that will accentuate the giant roll around my midsection that still will not go away after a year and a half of babydom.

Right now, i don’t have much of a personal style because i can’t afford it so i wear what people give to me but i’m going to back to the way i used to be. i liked my clothes. they were at the very least interesting. eh, whatever.

Also, I’m looking to make some sort of st. patrick’s day cupcake for the kiddies, in spite of my being neither irish nor catholic. i like green. that’s about it.

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Fudge brownies

0041.jpgSo the job i am doing today consists of my fudge brownies, mini banana split cupcakes, and chocolate cupcakes with a ganache center and chocolate frosting. People love their chocolate.

I just finished making the brownies and they look nice. I have to say, i hate making brownies, mainly because i think i suck at it. However, this lady had my brownies at Saturday’s spa party and when she called, the first thing she said was ” i want those brownies.” Excellent.

I made them in my silicone heart-shaped molds. I think it gives them that little something extra, don’t you think? Oh, and i made them while rocking out to Johnny Cash’s greatest hits.

Also, my husband thought the last batch of my brownies weren’t chocolate-y enough, but I think he’s a retard so we’re even. You decide…

Oven at 350

1/3 cup butter

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

¾ cup flour

½ cup cocoa

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp baking powder

½  cup semi sweet choc chips


In large mixing bowl, cream together butter and sugar, then eggs and vanilla. In separate bowl, combine flour, cocoa, baking powder, salt. Stir into butter mixture until blended. Add chocolate chips. Fill lined cups 2/3 full. Bake 13-15 minutes.  Don’t forget to line cups!! (unless you use the silicone cups like i do, then you have to wait until they cool completely before taking them out. And i mean cool completely.) Dust with powdered sugar.

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Delicious Dish

109_0275.jpgSo, my party on Saturday was a wonderful success. Here’s a little background… Amy is a woman i know through a great friend of mine and her husband also happens to be my dentist. I have great teeth. So there we are at a party in her home and she begins to tell us of a little soiree she is holding in which there will be manicurists, pedicurists, masseuses, etc. and she’s having it catered. Robert  chimes in and says “Well, Tara is starting a catering business that’s just desserts (hence the name) so why doesn’t she do your sweet table for you?” I was in shock when she said yes and asked what i did exactly. I mean, I didn’t really know. At that point, it was just brainstorming. And yes, I would share it with Robert as he would be over at my house at least 3 nights a week, but i didin’t think anyone else would take me seriously.

I would wait for Olivia to go to bed and i would sit in front of my computer thinking of things i could do with my life. I was getting restless and sorry to say, bored. I wrote down all the things i was good at that could be moneymakers for me- writing, baking, or doing makeup on dead people. That was it. Out of  those, i picked baking as the one the one thing i could probably be comfortable with at this point. So I was just jotting things down in a binder and trying to figure out what it would take to run a baking business out of my house. When Amy said she wanted me to do her spa party, i was so nervous. Naturally, all the questions rattled around in my brain.

What if no one likes my stuff? It’s one thing that my fatso husband will like whatever i make but the public? And would they be willing to pay for something they can buy so much cheaper?  I went home and got started on everything i would need. I had over a month to prepare but it still didn’t seem like enough time. I wanted to put all my recipes on my computer (all the good ones anyway-some are NOT winners) and then there were the supplies…oh god, the supplies…the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and all those little extras like mascarpone cheese for the frosting on my red velvet cupcakes, the torch for the sugar on my creme brulee, it was all so overwhelming.

It took a while but then I knew what i wanted to do. The vision i have for my business is this- you call me and tell me what you want, i show up with the goodies, display stands, table cloth, table, name cards, etc. and all you do is pay me. I come back that night or the next day to get my stuff and voila! Your dessert table is taken care of. Here’s the catch- I’m only doing individual desserts. Not cookies, cakes, bars or other crap i don’t care about. Fudge brownies, creme brulee, cheesecakes, and OF COURSE cupcakes, among other things. Can you picture white chocolate cups with mousse on the inside and white chocolate curls on top? I’m going to do tiramisu in three different flavors and god help me, individual fruit pies. I’m drooling thinking about it. I can’t wait to get more people lined up for my stuff.

I’m so excited now. And i have another party lined up for tomorrow at 4. I’m baking stuff for a wake. I wonder who died.

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Golden Gal

001.jpgToday I go in for an MRI on my hip to find out why I’m limping around like an old lady. Scratch that, actually, I watch the Golden Girls almost every damn night and not one of THEM hobbles around like i do. Anyways, this all started when i was preggers, about 5 months. We had a chaise lounge attached to our couch and it was my special spot, even though it was getting harder and harder to get up from because i was slowly becoming an orca whale. So, there i was, so excited to watch “My Life on the D List” starring the retardedly funny Kathy Griffinwhen i went to turn to get on the chaise and it felt like i pulled something clean out of the socket. Here’s how painful it was…a little story for ya…when i was four days close to my due date, my dr. told me to go in to be induced. i was actually kinda happy, that last week is the worst week ever for a cranky, swollen, twice her weight pregnant lady. So i go in, blah blah blah…my epidural was completely worn off by 9:30 pm, and I mean completely. I kept asking my phillipino nurse where the anesthesiologist was and she kept saying, “he on his way.” Then at 11:30, i was in so much pain and i wanted to strangle every person in front of me and she says, “oh, too late now, you push.” She put my ankles up by my ears and told me to get on with it. At this point, all i could feel was pain…in my hip. I couldn’t feel anything in my snatch area because the pain was so bad in my damn hip! Can you believe it?? I couldn’t. I mean, it had been a while since i pushed out a kid but naturally, every woman and her grandmother felt the need to tell me their birthing stories so i figured on some pain, at some point. Oh, and then the IV in my arm was killing me! And the needle in my back was bleeding! I tried to get my husband to rip it out for me, to no avail. Jerk. Anyways, where was i? Oh yeah, babbling about my birthing story, like anyone cares. There are two things we hate hearing about but ending up listening anyway- when someone starts telling you about how long and painful heir labor was, and the sentence that starts with this- “Omg, listen to this dream i had last night…” god i hate hearing what people dreamed about. I don’t care! The only way i could care less about what you dreamed about is if basketball were on tv. or the dog show. or emeril lagasse. Well, enough of my bitching for now, I’ll be back later with a vengeance!

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Wow…so much to do

As i had previously posted, my first gig is coming up on Saturday. I am thrilled but each day I realize there is something else i need to do. I want this to be the kind of thing where you just call me up, tell me what you want, and i bring over my own card table, tablecloth(with cupcakes on it, of course), stands and tiered cake platters, name cards, etc. and for a fee you don’t have to worry about anything. So now i realize that I can’t just borrow a kitchen torch anymore, i have to actually buy one of my own. I have a feeling the mini creme brulees are going to be huge. I can’t wait to take pictures for all to see of the finished product…the table with everything on it, looking beautiful and quite delicious. Coming Saturday night! Stay tuned!

As i said before, i’m now going to speak my peace about going green…grrr…

Don’t force me to do things. The second you tell me I HAVE to do something is the second it becomes obsolete for me. That’s just my biology and I’m not going to apologize for it.  I have three recycle bins on my back porch and by Monday am they are overflowing with crap so don’t whine at me about switching cars or buying canvas grocery bags. I recycle the plastic ones…what? I also donated my time to a bird rescue a while back. After that, i rescued one dog, one lizard, one bird, and two cats from certain death. I feel sorta bad that our planet is going to shit but there is only so much i, as one person, can do. I was a vegetarian for years, was vegan for just under a year, and personally, i think that is probably the one thing that we can all do on a singular level to help with the environment. No, I’m not a veg now, sorry. I have a nasty wheat intolerance and all i DID was eat bread and pasta products so that idea is scrapped for me. My daughter is, though, and i support her100% even though her dad routinely makes fun of her and constantly asks me where she got such an idea. I tell him she got it from her lesbian witch group that meets on Friday nights. Douchebag. Anyways…my point was stop trying to make me feel guilty, America! I’m doing what i can right now and yes, when i open my bakery, i will recycle every damn thing. Until then, suck on it!

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000_0547.jpgdammit, i can’t sleep. so I’m going to type a little and get it out of me. I’m wearing the world’s ugliest jammies. I got them at the end of the year event at victoria’s secret. i hate that place and I would never spend my money there. first of all, i don’t ever feel the need to look like a $20 hooker, nor am i a twenty-two year old who just discovered her slutty personality. Plus, they’re just too damned expensive. anyone who knows me can tell you how much of a jew i am with my money. so these jammies, they look like the very loudest cartoon comic book print you’ve ever seen. I mean, the kind of thing a black lady would wear to church on sunday. yes, THAT loud. i have matching slippers, too. those i love, however. so, my very productive day started with my grocery shopping trip to the local super wal-mart. normally, not a bad place to shop. good deals, decent selection, etc. however, wal-mart in joliet, il, is a horse of another color. i was actually behind someone in line who, once she discovered a movie that she wanted (Black Knight) was NOT in the bargain bin for $5 but in a different bargain bin for $7.50, well that was all she could take. She put her hoveround in park and proceeded to give the cashier a big, fat piece of her mind about how she should get it for that price anyway. i hate fat people. not just a little chubby, either. I’m talking about the last acceptable prejudice of our society- obese people. This cow had to have a personal vehicle about the size of a golf cart to carry her around the store. there were certain aisles she could NOT go down. and she doesn’t smile and politely say “excuse me” if she meets you in an aisle, she keeps write on buzzing like the world owes her something (besides a diet) and if because of some unfortunate accident you didn’t notice the 400 lb hutt in front of you, then you’d get bumped the hell out of her way. so anyways, Shamu pays and leaves and now it’s my turn. I was unaware that bagging groceries required a college degree. she put my bread in the bag with my potatoes. heh?whatever, i leave, i go home. my friend comes over, we drive to chicago. he files for LLC for his business. We go to lunch at some noodle joint in gay town. we go to sprint so i can get a new phone and cover. bill thinks my new phone cover looks like crap. “honey, that thing is so ugly,” he says, looking it over. i don’t care, really. I’ve never been one to care about phones, or cars, or what have you, but my phone had many glitches in the software, so i traded it in, thus needed them to transfer all my numbers and shit. i came home, then went to an “uppercase living” party. cool stuff. i came home, put the baby in bed around 9:30 and then had to chase my damn teenagers into the shower and such. they really don’t listen very well at all. so here i am. i started looking at cupcake/baking websites and blogs on the internet and before i know it, I’m uploading pictures into flickr and now I’m blogging. I think I’m done. coming soon…my thoughts on “going green.” grrr…..

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My new business

106_0165.jpgI am very excited today because I am seeing one of my dreams through to fruition. (wow. A word i never thought i’d use. hm.) I decided a while back that i was going to start an individual dessert catering business. I will be making cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes, creme brulee, tiramisu, cobbler, pie, and anything else that i can cram into my muffin pans. I have a zillion recipes, but you know that goes. After the first two hundred, you end up just kind of switching an ingredient here or there and calling it a different recipe, but whatever. I had to get creative with how i decorate them, also. I have cute as hell toppers and stuff and I’m going to buy a killer airbrush machine with the proceeds of my first sale. I also had to get creative with what i call them. “The Big Lebowski” cupcakes- kahlua and vodka cupcake with kahlua whipped cream frosting. “The Karen Walker”- vodka and orange juice cupcake with fondant rolled up to look like little xanax and vicodin. I named one after almost all of my friends. “The McFarland”- tequila, triple sec, lime juice cupcake with strawberry frosting. The bitch likes maragaritas. Too bad she’ll never taste these- she’s wheat intolerant. “Randi’s cupcakes”- pineapple upside down cakes. These are named for her because her boyfriend likes them. He’s a good kid. I also have ones in development I’m calling “Robert’s cupcakes” because they will have all the elements of a cosmopolitan, his favorite drink. Yeah, he’s gay. What?

So, you get the picture with these. I just sent my client a pretty sizeable list of cupcakes to choose from. At first she had told me she wanted to do a tasting. that’s pretty much a logistics nightmare. She picks out 15 cupcakes she wants to taste and then what the hell do i do with all the leftover? Some of those freeze well, some do not. So hopefully she will just trust my descriptions and we can go from there.

As for my peanut today…well…a stinker as always. Her hair is getting damn curly in the back, kinda like my ‘fro. I got her this aqua doodle thing and after telling her 98 times “don’t put that pen thing in your mouth,” she put it in her mouth and walked around like that so i took the pen thing away. By the way, this thing is a stroke of genius. It only writes on the mat, then it evaporates and she can write some more. She loves it. She kept trying to write on real paper. Ha! Sucker! Oh, and her face.


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Caramel cupcakes

000_0545.jpgAh… the caramel cupcakes. Here’s a picture of them. They turned out okay, an acquired taste, i think. They tasted very much like coffee, which of course, i don’t mind. and then there was the caramel, nice and gooey in the center. yum. Coming soon…caramel and chocolate cupcakes. yum-er.

Anyways, these cupcakes were all right, nothing special. I’m thinking of maybe trying caramel dessert topping next time. Or trying my hand at homemade caramel. Or just adding in more sugar. Who knows. My daughter made homemade caramel last week. she didn’t let it boil long enough but if she had it would have been fabulous, because it was still pretty damn good.

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