000_0547.jpgdammit, i can’t sleep. so I’m going to type a little and get it out of me. I’m wearing the world’s ugliest jammies. I got them at the end of the year event at victoria’s secret. i hate that place and I would never spend my money there. first of all, i don’t ever feel the need to look like a $20 hooker, nor am i a twenty-two year old who just discovered her slutty personality. Plus, they’re just too damned expensive. anyone who knows me can tell you how much of a jew i am with my money. so these jammies, they look like the very loudest cartoon comic book print you’ve ever seen. I mean, the kind of thing a black lady would wear to church on sunday. yes, THAT loud. i have matching slippers, too. those i love, however. so, my very productive day started with my grocery shopping trip to the local super wal-mart. normally, not a bad place to shop. good deals, decent selection, etc. however, wal-mart in joliet, il, is a horse of another color. i was actually behind someone in line who, once she discovered a movie that she wanted (Black Knight) was NOT in the bargain bin for $5 but in a different bargain bin for $7.50, well that was all she could take. She put her hoveround in park and proceeded to give the cashier a big, fat piece of her mind about how she should get it for that price anyway. i hate fat people. not just a little chubby, either. I’m talking about the last acceptable prejudice of our society- obese people. This cow had to have a personal vehicle about the size of a golf cart to carry her around the store. there were certain aisles she could NOT go down. and she doesn’t smile and politely say “excuse me” if she meets you in an aisle, she keeps write on buzzing like the world owes her something (besides a diet) and if because of some unfortunate accident you didn’t notice the 400 lb hutt in front of you, then you’d get bumped the hell out of her way. so anyways, Shamu pays and leaves and now it’s my turn. I was unaware that bagging groceries required a college degree. she put my bread in the bag with my potatoes. heh?whatever, i leave, i go home. my friend comes over, we drive to chicago. he files for LLC for his business. We go to lunch at some noodle joint in gay town. we go to sprint so i can get a new phone and cover. bill thinks my new phone cover looks like crap. “honey, that thing is so ugly,” he says, looking it over. i don’t care, really. I’ve never been one to care about phones, or cars, or what have you, but my phone had many glitches in the software, so i traded it in, thus needed them to transfer all my numbers and shit. i came home, then went to an “uppercase living” party. cool stuff. i came home, put the baby in bed around 9:30 and then had to chase my damn teenagers into the shower and such. they really don’t listen very well at all. so here i am. i started looking at cupcake/baking websites and blogs on the internet and before i know it, I’m uploading pictures into flickr and now I’m blogging. I think I’m done. coming soon…my thoughts on “going green.” grrr…..


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