Wow…so much to do

As i had previously posted, my first gig is coming up on Saturday. I am thrilled but each day I realize there is something else i need to do. I want this to be the kind of thing where you just call me up, tell me what you want, and i bring over my own card table, tablecloth(with cupcakes on it, of course), stands and tiered cake platters, name cards, etc. and for a fee you don’t have to worry about anything. So now i realize that I can’t just borrow a kitchen torch anymore, i have to actually buy one of my own. I have a feeling the mini creme brulees are going to be huge. I can’t wait to take pictures for all to see of the finished product…the table with everything on it, looking beautiful and quite delicious. Coming Saturday night! Stay tuned!

As i said before, i’m now going to speak my peace about going green…grrr…

Don’t force me to do things. The second you tell me I HAVE to do something is the second it becomes obsolete for me. That’s just my biology and I’m not going to apologize for it.  I have three recycle bins on my back porch and by Monday am they are overflowing with crap so don’t whine at me about switching cars or buying canvas grocery bags. I recycle the plastic ones…what? I also donated my time to a bird rescue a while back. After that, i rescued one dog, one lizard, one bird, and two cats from certain death. I feel sorta bad that our planet is going to shit but there is only so much i, as one person, can do. I was a vegetarian for years, was vegan for just under a year, and personally, i think that is probably the one thing that we can all do on a singular level to help with the environment. No, I’m not a veg now, sorry. I have a nasty wheat intolerance and all i DID was eat bread and pasta products so that idea is scrapped for me. My daughter is, though, and i support her100% even though her dad routinely makes fun of her and constantly asks me where she got such an idea. I tell him she got it from her lesbian witch group that meets on Friday nights. Douchebag. Anyways…my point was stop trying to make me feel guilty, America! I’m doing what i can right now and yes, when i open my bakery, i will recycle every damn thing. Until then, suck on it!

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