003.jpgI made the most fantastic mini cheesecakes a few days ago. Even my husband loved them. He actually called me at work to tell me how wonderful he thought they were. This is the guy who tells me my stuff isn’t chocolaty enough or there’s not enough frosting or what have you. He is my absolute worst critic and i hate it. He knows absolutely nothing about baking and in the almost 8 years we’ve been together, he’s stepped into this kitchen to cook, clean or bake maybe twice, so he does not get taken seriously. Ever. He sucks at equal partnership.

So, i found this recipe in a cook book i got from a friend a million years ago and i dicked with it just enough to make them minis and it worked out great. The only thing I’m doing different next time is more butter in the crust. Her recipe did not call for enough.

Exciting news! When I got my tax return, i decided to treat myself to a new ensemble and i just got word that it’s on its way. I got the cutest ever pencil skirt with a rocket on it from but also rad looking shiny heels from . I still have to find some type of top to go with it and preferably NOT something that will accentuate the giant roll around my midsection that still will not go away after a year and a half of babydom.

Right now, i don’t have much of a personal style because i can’t afford it so i wear what people give to me but i’m going to back to the way i used to be. i liked my clothes. they were at the very least interesting. eh, whatever.

Also, I’m looking to make some sort of st. patrick’s day cupcake for the kiddies, in spite of my being neither irish nor catholic. i like green. that’s about it.

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