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My new business

106_0165.jpgI am very excited today because I am seeing one of my dreams through to fruition. (wow. A word i never thought i’d use. hm.) I decided a while back that i was going to start an individual dessert catering business. I will be making cupcakes, brownies, cheesecakes, creme brulee, tiramisu, cobbler, pie, and anything else that i can cram into my muffin pans. I have a zillion recipes, but you know that goes. After the first two hundred, you end up just kind of switching an ingredient here or there and calling it a different recipe, but whatever. I had to get creative with how i decorate them, also. I have cute as hell toppers and stuff and I’m going to buy a killer airbrush machine with the proceeds of my first sale. I also had to get creative with what i call them. “The Big Lebowski” cupcakes- kahlua and vodka cupcake with kahlua whipped cream frosting. “The Karen Walker”- vodka and orange juice cupcake with fondant rolled up to look like little xanax and vicodin. I named one after almost all of my friends. “The McFarland”- tequila, triple sec, lime juice cupcake with strawberry frosting. The bitch likes maragaritas. Too bad she’ll never taste these- she’s wheat intolerant. “Randi’s cupcakes”- pineapple upside down cakes. These are named for her because her boyfriend likes them. He’s a good kid. I also have ones in development I’m calling “Robert’s cupcakes” because they will have all the elements of a cosmopolitan, his favorite drink. Yeah, he’s gay. What?

So, you get the picture with these. I just sent my client a pretty sizeable list of cupcakes to choose from. At first she had told me she wanted to do a tasting. that’s pretty much a logistics nightmare. She picks out 15 cupcakes she wants to taste and then what the hell do i do with all the leftover? Some of those freeze well, some do not. So hopefully she will just trust my descriptions and we can go from there.

As for my peanut today…well…a stinker as always. Her hair is getting damn curly in the back, kinda like my ‘fro. I got her this aqua doodle thing and after telling her 98 times “don’t put that pen thing in your mouth,” she put it in her mouth and walked around like that so i took the pen thing away. By the way, this thing is a stroke of genius. It only writes on the mat, then it evaporates and she can write some more. She loves it. She kept trying to write on real paper. Ha! Sucker! Oh, and her face.


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Caramel cupcakes

000_0545.jpgAh… the caramel cupcakes. Here’s a picture of them. They turned out okay, an acquired taste, i think. They tasted very much like coffee, which of course, i don’t mind. and then there was the caramel, nice and gooey in the center. yum. Coming soon…caramel and chocolate cupcakes. yum-er.

Anyways, these cupcakes were all right, nothing special. I’m thinking of maybe trying caramel dessert topping next time. Or trying my hand at homemade caramel. Or just adding in more sugar. Who knows. My daughter made homemade caramel last week. she didn’t let it boil long enough but if she had it would have been fabulous, because it was still pretty damn good.

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