coconut curry chicken soup

I made coconut curry chicken soup, as the title implies. Not bad, however, next time i will add more coconut milk instead of heavy cream. it was my own recipe modeled after the way i remembered it tasting at a little restaurant in chicago called ‘noodles in the pot.’ i ate there about a month or so ago and i could not get those damn noodles out of my head. i will be making this again and when i perfect it, i will post the recipe on here, along with pictures.

My husband thought it was rather bland. What a surprise, my husband doesn’t like something i cooked. Color me shocked.

I am in the process of trying out a new St. Patrick’s day cupcake recipe. I have to take my daughter to cello practice later and when i do, i will be swinging by McDonald’s for my favorite frozen treat- shamrock shakes. I’m going to melt the shake and use it in place of milk in one of my basic vanilla cupcake recipes and then I’m going to use the melted shake in place of milk in the buttercream frosting. Doesn’t that sound freaking awesome? I think so. Update to come! And pictures!


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