Baking a million cupcakes

I started today with my job coming up on Thursday. I only have 5 more to go, then i get to frost all the damn things on Wednesday morning. I know it may sound silly, but i did indeed bake some today, just to freeze them until Wednesday. I want to be prepared and i thought this would be the best way to do it. I have frozen cupcakes before and as long as they weren’t crappy going into the freezer, they’ll come out okay. Plus, i didn’t want to leave them out for 5 days. they’d get all kindsa crumbly and stale and I’m not putting my name on something shitty. However, I’m freezing the ones with ganache in them and also the ones with the Andes candies in them, so that may be a problem, but we shall see. I will post pictures as soon as i actually frost them but until then, you aren’t getting photos of my bald cupcakes.

My oldest daughter just told me she upped her ear gauges to a 6 and that she got stepped on by her friend’s horse today that ripped her shoe and gave her a wicked bruise.


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