The wonderful world of baking

so i had been meaning to write a new blog about all the cupcakes and frostings i did for Randi’s mom’s work party and i am finally getting around to it. i’m throwing some pictures in here, hopefully they aren’t too crappy of quality, but we’ll see.

017.jpg In this picture we have (starting at the top and going left, then down, etc.) pistachio with bailey’s irish cream in the frosting. i thought they were tasty, all they needed was a packet of pistachio pudding and little food color to make them more green. next, we have the red velvet with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate curl garnish. typically, red velvet isn’t my favorite flavor as it is, so i don’t much care for these. honestly, give me chocolate on top of chocolate with chocolate inside and maybe a chocolate candy bar garnish, but hey, that’s me. however, randi said they were a humongous hit, so let’s go with that. next is my husbands favorite, the s’mores. just a piece of a graham cracker on the bottom before i pour in the batter, which is crammed full of sweet chocolate chips. the topping is a rich marshmallow fluff mixture i spoon over but it always drips over the sides and makes a sticky mess. i top with half a marshmallow that i toast nice and dark with my kitchen torch. next are my ‘banana split’ cupcakes. strawberry cupcake, topped with a thick chocolate ganache which is then topped with a swirl of banana flavored frosting and garnished with a maraschino cherry. next are my strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting. yum. next are the andes mint cupcake. chocolate cupcake with an andes(r) candy baked in side and the frosting has a hint of mint flavoring mixed in with the decadent chopped candies. 016.jpg

in the next picture we have the shamrock shake cupcakes with melted shake mixed into the batter and the frosting as well. i did add a touch of both vanilla and mint to both to give them that little something extra and it worked because these went over huuuuuuge. after those we have the chocolate raspberry. basically, chocolate cupcake, raspberry flavored ganache filling, topped with chocolate raspberry frosting, garnished with a raspberry. following that is my carrot cake with cream cheese center. after that are the cappucino chip cuppies. these had the most delicious frosting with a mix of coffee and starbuck’s coffee liqueur in it. holy crap, were they fabulous. but i love coffee, so maybe i’m a little biased. then there are the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, the recipe i borrowed from bake and destroy. the only thing i did different for mine was…well…i forgot to add the chocolate chips so i just tossed some on top thinking they would sink upon cooking. yeah, not so much. they were still tasty, though. oh, and my frosting wasn’t as shiny as hers was, but still yummy. next we have the coconut cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting. my personal favorite. these had coconut milk in the mix. oh god, they were great. i love coconut almost as much as i love coffee, so these will definitely be made again at my house. mmmmmm…


only the bottom two are new flavors. the left one is my version of strawberry margarita, with a candied lime peel garnish. i didn’t taste them, i don’t know how they were. i hate tequila. it tastes brown and to me that’s just gross. the one on the right is my cosmo cuppie with cranberries in the frosting. i don’t know how this one was either. good, i hope.

so there they are and if you are interested in a recipe, i will share gladly, just ask.

***edited note~ i didn’t put larger pictures of all the different cupcakes because i thought it would take up too much time, and i have no extra time to spare.  also, i thought it would make the blog too long and i know how people’s attention spans are as of late. constant stimulation, like flies or gnats. you can visit my flickr page for the photos.


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