stackable-cake-plates.jpg I bought one of these today and I am very proud of myself. I have two occasions coming up where I’ll need a stackable cake plate and for about $36 plus shipping to my house, i don’t even have to think about it anymore.  I already have four of these cupcake-tree.jpg but i wanted something different, something a little nicer for the occasional anniversary party or wedding shower, or gasp, wedding. Now all i have to do is pick up some fake orchids from Micheal’s, cut them to fit and viola! Cupcake wedding cake. Incidentally, had a very cute as hell cake plate that was all painted in gay little pastels and it had a cupcake and piece of pie painted onto it, but for 40 bucks? It wasn’t that cute.

So i do have a couple of jobs coming up and i am very excited for them. It got me thinking though, why don’t i have more jobs coming up? Here’s why- I live in the armpit of Illinois and my services don’t come cheap.  I’m not the most expensive hussy out there by a long shot but when these big fat trashballs know they can go wal-mart and pick up a box of mix and a can (gross!!) of frosting for less than$4, why would they pay $2 per cake from me? This is what i struggle with daily and sometimes i get down about it, but i still love doing it, so screw cheap jerks. My cupcakes are yummie. Like, really yummie.

I have a friend who does the same general baking business out of her home but she gets to sell to local cafes. So jealous! We have nothing like that around here. Any type of little coffee shop already has a donut den located inside. I guess i will just have to persevere and keep looking.

Next on my list- a logo! And then maybe cutie pie shirts! And then who knows!


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