Things I love, part deux

I just found a bunch of cute cupcake related items so i thought i would post them here with, as always, my comments. This is the book i use mostly for recipes. So far, the only one that blows me away is the vanilla. Very basic, but excellent every time i use it. Otherwise, i think her devil’s food recipe came out dry, and i hate using self-rising flour. I like to put all the ingredients in myself, so i know what the hell i’m doing wrong. These plates are super cool. they are ceramic, shaped like cupcakes, and painted all cute and stuff. If i wanted to be completely queer and make my kitchen cupcake themed, instead of it’s current theme, coffee, i would buy these and hang them on the walls. More plates. Also very cute, but i can see these breaking and then me getting angry and yelling “who broke my cupcake plate?” and my housemates thinking I’ve lost it. This is Wilton’s new giant cupcake cake pan. To be honest, i have no interest in this. I don’t do cakes. Not even ones that are shaped like cupcakes. the whole point for me is to not only get out of doing the dishes(have i mentioned i am supremely lazy?), but make something that will fit into the palm of your hand, and that you don’t have slice and portion out. When i try to cut cakes, they end up all lopsided and one person will have a nice little sliver while another will have a giant wedge. Plus, look at the obvious difference from one side of the pan to the other. How’s that work? thanks Wilton, but for almost $30, you can keep it.

these just look adorable. Right? My friend over at Bake and Destroy! said she bought them for her niece and they’re super cute. It’s a little shape sorter where you have to match up the cuppie with the frosting. Adorable. what will they think of next? Is there no end to the alarmingly trendy cupcake craze?

My next pick for super cute is this awesome little rain boot. I have no use for rain boots. Not that it doesn’t rain, but I’m actually okay with my shoes getting a little wet. Also, if it’s raining, i tend to stay indoors like most people.

I found all of these things on I don’t get out that much so i do a lot of online shopping and I don’t think people realize how much more stuff Target has available as opposed to what’s in their stores. check it out! Oh, and I know I’m supposed to be in support of the little guy and all that jazz, but Target does indeed give back to each community and I’m okay with that.


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