Daring Bakers Challenge

Has it been a month already? Sure has! For the month of April we all got to make the deliciously delectable cheesecake- in lollipop form! I’m not going to bother posting the recipe because it was rather long and tedious. Suffice it to say that i did NOT add the flour to mine and they still turned out marvelously!

I’m guessing the reason to add flour was to hold them together a little better but regardless, I’ve never heard of adding flour to cheesecake filling, and i was not about to try it out. You know what? They stayed together, spitefully, I’m sure. Although, to really irritate me, they did get Mark removed from Top Chef, and we were supposed to have many curly-haired brats together. Mean cheesecake pops.

starting upOh yeah, i also decided to give mine more of a cheesecakey look, so after dipping them in semi-sweet chocolate, i rolled them in some old, dust on the box, leftover graham cracker crumbs. According to my husband, you could not even taste the graham, so perhaps next time, i will crush them myself so they are chunkier and not a fine powder.

I did have to bake mine for a lot longer than expected. I also halved(is that even a word?) my recipe because i have no need for that many little cheesecakes in my house when i’m trying to lose 30 pounds. Although, going vegan two days ago means i’m not really allowed to eat them anyways. That’s another post for another day.

I then decided to wrap them up and send them to work with my husband to go whoring for business. I figured, they are tasty little buggers, and they would make a nice little party favor or whatever. Plus, they’re fairly easy to make, and cheap! What’s not to like? I just punched a hole in my business card (which i hate, by the way. i have seen WAY cuter business cards. that’s what i get for being cheap, though. screw you vista print!) and attached it to the loop of string around the stick. Cute!

Thus ending my post on April’s Daring Baker’s Challenge. Was it really all that challenging? Nope. Would I do it a gain? You bet your sweet aspercreme, I will. What a great idea to bring to a party! Well, minus the business card thing. That would be way tacky.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suck it! I don’t really care! Happy baking all!


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