Superb cupcakes and supreme casserole!

I am really getting into this whole mostly-vegan thing. And now that my husband and daughter have offered to be my taste testers for my dessert business, i can really go for it, with an exception here or there, of course.

I can’t help but wonder- am I a bad almost-vegan if i decide not to go completely militant and stop purchasing all the things that keep dairy farms in business? This is something that is probably going to keep me awake at night. Time to renew that scripp for Ambien! How far should i take this whole thing? I want to do more than just consume, which i feel most of this country does, but I don’t know how to go about really making a mark that people will notice. Hopefully it comes to me in a dream, because I’m not getting any inspiration while fully lucid. I think one of the points is that we stop purchasing from places who are the main source of injury to animals and I’m all about that.

Anyway, on to the food! I made the most wonderful casserole called “leek and bean cassolet with biscuits” or something like that, I’m too tired to go look. It was awesome! I loved it! the only thing I will do different next time is only one cup of leeks instead of two, and then i will add zucchini into the first sautee portion of the cooking process. I love zucchini. Leeks, not so much. They weren’t horrible, i just like other veggies more than them. Sorry leeks! We can still be friends, though, right? Aww…don’t be mad. Oh, and the biscuits were a little doughy, but I didn’t mind it at all. They were still biscuits and even though my tummy hurt later because they were made with flour, I’ll have to experiment with different flours for biscuits because i can’t stand running into the bathroom like a three year old yelling “outta my way! I gotta drop a bomb!”

These were the best cupcakes ever. I made them from the recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. They are the banana ones. I had to sub out the rice milk for soy, so i just did what they did in every other recipe that called for soy milk, i let it curdle with a little bit of cider vinegar. Still amazing!!! I topped them with the fabulous peanut butter buttercream. Peanut butter and banana!! Do you love it? Well, screw you then! I love it, i guess that’s all that REALLY matters. I would post the recipe here, but I’m pretty sure these ladies who wrote the book would like you to purchase it. Although, they are pretty punk rock, so maybe they’re all about sticking it to the man. Who knows, really. You should buy the book anyway, it’s like a dollar on Amazon and way worth it. Or, you could just write me and I’ll send you the damn recipe, cheapo.

Oh, i also made some chocolate soy milk ice cream in my new ice cream maker.Not the creamiest stuff ever, but passable, and it made me happy that there was no cholesterol in it, and a giant tub of it has 16 grams of fat as opposed to the 16 grams of fat in one quarter of a cup of dairy ice cream. I just really need to experiment with flavors because it was kind of boring. And rock fricking hard.

I originally went to the store looking for the ice cream maker attachment that goes with my Kitchen-aid but apparently i need a 6 quart, and mines only a 5 quart. Tear…. So i got my next in line, the Cuisinart!! I read the reviews about everything i buy which keeps me from a buying a lot more stuff that what i already do, just so you know. It’s a nice little machine, i highly recommend it.

Until next time…viva la vegan!

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