Yo Gabba Gabba

So, usually, I write a pretty low key vegan cooking blog. Once in a while, I throw in stuff that’s not vegan just because it’s my blog and I’ll do what I damn well please. However, what I’m about to post is not at all about food. It’s about a favorite television show in my household. The show is called Yo Gabba Gabba.

My almost-two year old loves it and can’t get enough of it. Every night she yells “gabba gabba!!” to let us know what she wants us to put on the television. And since we have all the episodes recorded through our dvr, we put it on. Every night. All night. Bear in mind there are only about 20 episodes total. If there are more, I haven’t seen them. However, I have seen these same episodes over and over again and I have all the songs and jingles memorized. As much as I love this show, it can very easily be picked apart- and it will, shortly- in the same manner that I picked apart Halloween when we rented it last October.

I killed that movie for everyone who was in the room with me. I still love it, don’t get me wrong. I just felt the need to take it down a notch. Classic horror movie? Please. It stinks. Watch it someday from start to finish, and NOT because it happens to be on tv. Rent it and watch it all the way through. You’ll see what I mean. I guess for it’s time it was super groovy but by today’s standards it’s pretty lame. Back to Yo Gabba Gabba.

Where do I begin? How about the talking trees, one of which appears to be on some form of illegal drug? Oh, I know! Let’s start with the creepy artist guy, Mark, who I’m quite sure is the pedophile uncle of one of the show’s producers, and who must be out on parole and in need of a job to keep from going back to the bad place. Seriously, my toddler can draw better than this guy. That may be the point, I guess, to make little ones feel like they can draw better than ‘that weirdo on tv,’ who knows.

There’s a recurring segment through every episode in which small children are featured screaming, “My name is (insert obnoxious trendy hipster name like Xanthe or Lamese here)!!! I like to dance!!” I don’t take issue with the kids all wearing the same style of dress, in fact I wish I could buy those shirts somewhere for my little peanut, and even for myself. But, why are all the little girls wearing skirts? Sexist, patriarchal society, anyone?

Then there’s Biz Markie who has his own privileged spot called “Biz’s Beat of the Day.” Is it just me or does it seem like he is……special? You know, one of the short bus kids? He had one wicked famous and ridiculously annoying song about 20 years ago and now he’s featured regularly on a popular kids television program. Hey! Where are we going? And why am I in this handbasket?

Don’t even get me started on which sexual aids the main characters appear to be. Yeah, I just went there. Oh, and the “Cool Tricks” section? Most of the stuff those kids do is neither cool, nor trickery. Cup stacking? Hanging a spoon from your nose? Making your hands fart out Mary Had a Little Lamb? Okay, I’ll admit the Asian fella playing the theramin was cool, but that’s just because I watched a documentary like ten years ago called “Theramin” and I’ve been obsessed with this bizarre instrument ever since.

DJ Lance Rock. Yeah, you’re straight, okay, sorry about that. No, no, they’ll buy it. You look totally straight. Really. Orange tights are cool, I swear, no one will know. And that hat? Go on, girl. I mean, boy.

Plus, doing a little more research into the show, it turns out that the singer from the Aquabats is the voice of Plex! And the guy who did the hand farting thing is the voice of Muno!

They get major props for having famous and semi famous people on their show, so I won’t be a bitch about that. The celebs are usually featured in one of two segments called Dancy Dance Time and The Super Music Friends Show. I happen to dig Tony Hawk. He was on for Dancy Dance Time and he didn’t dance but he skated. Cool. Elijah Wood came on to teach kids how to do “The Puppet Master.” And I absolutely love the Shins and have been a huge fan for about 5 years now. Can you imagine when I found out they were going to be on The Super Music Friends Show? I almost peed in my chair. Good times!

Oh, and I actually saw the Aquabats live at the Metro a million years ago, so no, I won’t bitch about them either. Besides, their pool party song was awesome. In fact, most of the music featured on the show is pretty cool. One of my favorites is a ska song set to an animated segment where the cartoon boy and girl’s room is messy so the singer says “pick it up” over and over in true ska form. One of my other favorites is another ska song called “Banana” by the Aggrolites. I have never considered myself a fan of ska until now. I don’t know whether that’s really cool or just lame.

So, in closing, I just wanted to say that I do like the show, and so does my peanut but every once in a while I have to call some shit out into the open. I like that there is a lesson to be learned in every episode. I like that they speak clearly enough for Olivia to understand and mimic every word, as she does. And yes, sigh, I do love the music.

Oh, and I made some rice pudding with hemp milk and it was gross. The end.



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7 responses to “Yo Gabba Gabba

  1. Did you know that Mark the artist guy was in Devo? Seriously! The things I learned about Yo Gabba Gabba reading Wikipedia a few months ago (my 2 y/o loves the show, too). And the show was thought up by dads – guess that s’plains the marital aid looking thing, huh? 😉

    I watch the show and am reminded of being pregnant with my almost six-month-old — and sick (oh was I sick…for twenty-four long weeks). I see DJ Lance and have the urge to run for the bathroom or take a Zofran. 😉

  2. Wow! Devo? Seriously? That is awesome! And yeah, wikipedia is how i learned the thing about the Aquabats singer. I guess he has a brother who’s in a band and they do some songs for the animation, etc. So many parallels and connections to stuff, it’s kinda weird! I love this show!

  3. taiger

    Hey y’all! I have been in love with YGG for the longest time, actually some of my favorite artist are involved in the show, including the amazing Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin! Chris from the Aquabats, the show is actually his baby, thats how the random cross section of celebs and bands! I actually really like Mark from Devo, I think he’s kinda sweet. And the tree is kinda creepy, but it totally takes me back to like a Hannah Barabra (sp?) time where you were all wee and didn’t know any better *shrug* I don’t really have any complaints about the show, my lil cupcake loves it.. mmmmaybe cause i started watching it before she was born? Again, a bit biased, seeing as some of my most favourite artist are involved!!

    And I can help you keep this topic, on your topic! Volia YGG Cupcakes!

    Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes!


  4. Sky

    OMG! I just bought a YGG pin yesterday at HT!

  5. That place has TON of yo gabba gabba stuff. I’m pretty bummed I don’t have a million dollars to spend there because they have a hoodie that says ‘don’t bite your friends.’ Awesome!!

  6. papas momma

    I’ll admit I was like WTF when I first saw it, but now when it comes on, my 2 yr old son and I both look at eachother like something great is about to happen and I see this glow in his face that makes me smile big time, then we rush to the center of the living room to dance to the intro music together. I laugh hard when he wants me to eat something and says “try it…you’ll like it”. It is weird at first, but the end results are worth it. We have 10 episodes recorded for emergency gabba gabba moments!

  7. Hilarious. I was googling Yo Gabba Gabba cause they had my fave band on (MGMT) and my niece/peanut LOVES the show. It is also a family household. Now I need to follow you because your dry humor gives me a kick and I’m vegetarian and like food…I can’t cook for anything though -__-

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