Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe Booty

Teese mozzarella, Parma! vegan parmesan cheese, Temptation vegan ice cream, vegan vanilla marshmallows

Teese mozzarella, Parma! vegan parmesan cheese, Temptation vegan ice cream, vegan vanilla marshmallows

Gotta love that booty.

For a long time I have been hearing about this thing called ‘Teese,’ a vegan mozzarella cheese from Chicago Soy Dairy. Mind you, the factory is only an hour away but if I want the stuff, I have to order it from someplace about 1000 miles away. Enter Cosmo’s Vegan shoppe based in Atlanta, Georia.

Obviously vegan, they pledge to only sell vegan products, made on dedicated vegan equipment. Good for them. So, not only did I get the Teese, I also got yummy vanilla marshmallows by Sweet and Sara, Temptation vegan ice cream in chocolate, and Parma!, a vegan parmesan cheese.

The parmesan cheese has only walnuts, nutritional yeast, salt, and love in the ingredients so the jury’s still out on that one. The marshmallows are absolutely awesome and I think next time I will order the coconut ones also. A friend has just informed me that I need to try them toasted so that’s my first order of business when Olivia gets up from her nap. Regarding the ice cream mix, I do appreciate not having to heat anything to boiling and then letting it cool completely before putting it in the Cuisinart, that’s for sure. However, all I had at the time to make the ice cream was almond milk which seems to have given a strange flavor, but I will order it again and this time throw in some peanut butter or something. They have a website on the bag where you can go to get recipes. Sounds good to me!! All that was left try was the Teese.

When you order it, Cosmo’s suggests that you purchase an ice pack or two to keep cold in transit, since it is a perishable, refrigerated item. I bought one. When my package arrived, the cheese was room temperature and the ice pack was completely melted. Chicago Soy Dairy, why can’t you just open a store for me to shop at? Why? Gah, anyway.

My best friend and I had just had a conversation about how badly we miss cheese pizza since going vegan a few months back. Now of course we have no intention of cheating, especially after we both watched Earthlings, we know we are doing the right thing. But as soon as he said it, ding!, a light went on in my brain that made me think of Teese, just because I keep seeing ads for it and stuff. I just happened to have frozen bread dough so I thawed it out. I had no pizza sauce so I had to bust out my jar of Newman’s tomato basil marinara sauce. I sliced the Teese, instead of pinching off little portions like I had seen others do, thinking it was just going to melt and get all oozey anyways. I topped it with a boatload of oregano and basil. While it was cooking, the kids said it smelled like a pizza parlor in our house.

And to the right is what it looked like coming out of the oven. The Teese was a little melted but still retained a weird skin on top. Robert and the kids loved it and thought it was fab. I was a little less impressed. I have seen pictures of other people’s Teese pizzas that looked phenomenal so I’m thinking mine got below the temp it was supposed to be kept at and that changed it somehow. It was still tasty, but I guess I was hoping to be wowed and I wasn’t. I have every intention of trying it again, though. I’m going to switch up the crust a bit, I think that had a lot to do with my not totally loving it.

Also, I came up with a fabulous idea for my Iron Cupcake entry while perusing the internet looking for different pepper jellies. I found one that sounded almost edible and instantly came up with a picture in my head of what I was going to make. Now I just have to wait for Mr. UPS to bring it to me. Oh, I wasn’t being sexist there, my UPS guy is really a guy.

Now, if only I could come up with something for Sugar Slam….


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2 responses to “Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe Booty

  1. hello,

    i am wondering what the jury came up with on your review of Parma! Vegan Parmesan??

    in gratitude,

  2. I thought it was a fantastic topping for my pasta and also my popcorn! I only wrote ‘the jury’s out’ because I didn’t put it on my pizza, nor did I get a chance to use it before I posted. I love it though!

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