A Shout Out


First, I wanted to say a HUGE thanks to City, my friend in New Zealand for giving me the “E For Excellent” award. I was very flattered as I thought the only people who read my blog were my children and their stupid little friends. So, thanks to you lady!

What I am supposed to do now is nominate my five picks for best blog. I would first like to point out that she nominated two of my personal faves, Bake and Destroy! and Cakespy, plus she herself received the award, so…you know…just sayin’. Ready? Here we go….

Dear Klint.  He writes a relationship advice blog. Oh, he’s straight edge, vegan, has some sort of degree,  and is in a fairly well-known hardcore band, also. This guy is so freaking funny that it bums me out when he’s on tour and can’t update. Oh well, I guess he’s gotta bring home the smart bacon somehow, right? I’m sure by now he thinks I’m a stalker but I’m a relatively harmless stalker. Just a wierdo, really. You know, the creepy person at the party who’s been eyeballing you the whole time who then comes up to you and says “Are you gonna be walking to your car by yourself later? Cuz I’m just gonna be in the corner watching you all night.” It’s okay Klint, I’m happily married.

Bittersweet and My Sweet Vegan– These are in a tie as they are done by the same lovely young woman, Hannah Kaminsky. (Ha, I almost typed Laminlsy, since we are missing the K from our keyboard. What happened to it? Olivia happened to it. Anyways.) She is a cookbook author and fellow blogger and she writes beautifully in my opinion. There are days when I feel like a lot of sass and that’s when I go to the aforementioned Bake and Destroy! blog. Then there are days when I feel like reading a lot of foo foo words all used to describe fancy-ass treats and that’s when I go to Hannah’s blogs. I have her dessert book and it is nothing short of amazing. Viva le whoopie pies! Oh, and chai cheesecake!

Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan– I am a huge fan of people putting recipes with pictures on their blogs and Dreena Burton does it the best. Every time she posts a new recipe with a picture, I want to run out immediately and buy whatever to make what she made. Take for instance this week’s post: It’s of a cesar pomegranite salad. I hate pomegranites yet I bought one. (I quickly decided this was the most pointeless fruit on the planet and I will never EVER purchase one again.) I have one of her books as well and while some of the ingredients are a little hard to find in my area, I have made almost all of her pastas and they are delicious, especially the vegan mac and cheese with nuts as a cheese sauce. Yeah, I know!

PPK Blog– This one just seems like a no-brainer for vegans. First of all, Isa Chandra is a very clever writer. She is funny and silly and as my grandmother used to say, a wisenheimer. I like when people make me smile knowingly to myself, as though I’m the only one who got that joke. I’m giving a thumbs down to their forum, however, because I have been ‘yelled’ at too many times. (You know, all caps, USE THE SEARCH OPTION BEFORE OPENING A THREAD kind of thing. I have used that search option many times but what I want is a discussion…you know…in a….forum. Hello??? Am I an idiot? Isn’t that why it’s a called a discussion group? Ugh. I swear, you give some people moderator status and it’s like they’ve been given a gun and a badge.)

Everyday Dish TV– This is Julie Hasson’s blog. She is also a pretty famous cookbook author, and I use her best ever chocolate cupcake and white cupcake recipes as my standards now. I love how you can go to her site and she has not only recipes, but companion videos to help teach you! Plus, it’s super fun getting to see other bloggers actually talking when I’ve only previously read their words. People’s accents are so weird sometimes.

Well, I hope you enjoy my picks for good blogs. These are the ones I read pretty much every day, or at least every time they update. When they don’t update, I’m stuck looking through the archives of Cake Wrecks, but that’s not really so bad, is it?



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2 responses to “A Shout Out

  1. nzcupcakequeen

    hey lady, my pleasure! I LOVE reading your blog, it makes me smile, want to do more vegan cooking and also feel guilty for neglecting my own blog!!

    I too am a married women with a slight stalker crush on Klint. He messaged me once on myspace to say he’d visited NZ a while back. I thought that was badass and finally my teeny little country at the ass end of the world got me some attention 🙂

    Keep blogging lovely lady and I’ll keep reading! Oh and what DID Oliva do with the K key?

  2. Every time I leave the room, the little stinker climbs up on the chair in the kitchen where our computer is and fools around with the mouse and the buttons. I’m not exactly sure what she did with it. She has this new, very bad habit of throwing everything into the garbage can…

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