Fritz Pastry in Chicago

Pastry box I don’t like to do bakery (or any type of) business reviews on my blog because there  are enough blogs out there that do that kind of thing. Usually the people who write those blogs really know their stuff. Either they went to pastry school or they just plain old did a lot of research. I do neither of those things yet here we are.  I just know how stuff tastes and I’m basing this review off that. So there. Just don’t expect a whole lot of detail and we’ll get along just fine. Not to mention, Yelp seems to do the trick in that arena, although once in a while, I don’t exactly trust some of their, ahem, impartial reviewers.

I met a good friend and a new friend here for coffee this evening and I was very impressed. Walking through the door, Fritz Pastry has a very warm feel to it. The dark colors of the wooden tables, the cozy atmosphere, and the potent smell of baked goods and coffee. A bakery after my own heart!

I brought along my three-year old and I know what you’re thinking: why would you do that to all those poor coffee klatchers who just wanna kvetch about work? Believe it or not, she was sweet as one of the strawberry macarons I inhaled. For the record, I purchased ten different flavored macarons and only five made it home. I also purchased two slices of cake, a pastry with chocolate in it, and a slice of some sort of tart. Please forgive my poor, poor memory but I only recently found this unfinished draft of my visit to Fritz so I can’t remember what everything was. I can tell you with fervent aplomb that everything I ate was magnificent. Most of the macarons were so delicately crisp on the outside while retaining a moist crumb on the inside and the filling was smooth and buttery, yet not to sweet. Certain other flavors had what tasted like some sort of jam on the inside, and that was just fine with me, thank you.

But back to my little peanut– she started out shy but I brought her a bag of books and her magnadoodle and she was good to go. Once she got over her initial shyness, she came over and chatted with Natalie and Lisa and I and then she’d go back to her spot on the Davenport. True story– when I got home later, I would discover that Olivia had lifted the bakery’s copy of The Giving Tree and it was in French, no less! So I quickly mailed it back to them. Oops!

At a later date, I had the opportunity to have a good friend bring me back a box full of goodies from Fritz. Once again, I can’t tell you what everything was but it was all really wonderful. For more detailed information since I’m really bad at having any type of memory about anything that’s even remotely important, please visit the following link…Fritz Pastry

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