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Anthony Bourdain

I just want to start by saying that i think he is awesome and amazing. I am currently dvr-ing every episode of ‘no reservations’ that comes on my television. i love that he doesn’t really like everything he experiences. cabaret in berlin? no thanks, says tony. dodol in indonesia? you can keep it, he says.

I’m in the middle of reading ‘kitchen confidential’ and so far i love it. granted, i’m only into the third chapter but it’s everything i remember about my first restaurant experiences when i started at 13.

I watched tony in portland, oregon yesterday and first off- i have been waiting to see this episode forever because i heard my favorite author was featured as one of his city hosts. that’s right kids, chuck palahniuk was tony’s host not only for a donut shoppe that featured cap’n crunch coated or bacon topped donuts, but they also visited the largest velvet painting museum in america. amazing. now i want to visit portland. i mean, i wanted to visit before when i read ‘fugitives and refugees’ but now i want a bacon covered donut. what?

i wish i had more time to write because i have so much to say.


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