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Just Desserts going vegan?

Nah…but I am going to dabble. Okay, here’s the deal.

Over a year ago my daughter decided she was done eating things that were once alive. She was surfing the web one day and came across the infamous PETA video of minks being skinned alive so that J-Lo may wear their precious fur. She was inconsolable. She said it made her feel guilty, and honestly, like she wanted to throw up all the meat she ever ate in her life. I supported her and tried to make things that i could easily set aside a portion of before i threw the meat into. You know, spaghetti, stir fry, that type of thing. I ended up buying her pre-made vegetarian stuff that while tasty, was not nearly as healthy as it should have been. She informed me that she wanted to do it the healthy way so i told her to go look at my cookbooks, since i have an arsenal of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks from my days as a person who once gave a crap about the environment.

That was so long ago, almost 8 years since i gave it up. Like all new vegetarians, i armed myself with the PETA starter kit-complete with stickers and a list of things that would be different if people would stop eating meat- and a brand new attitude about the sanctity of life. I was ready to be a good vegetarian, to have a plant-based, peace loving life.

I was shot down by about every single stinking person i came into contact with. I got laughed at, called names, had burger patties thrown at me. Yes, these were actual adults stooping to this level of childishness. I worked in a restaurant and no one there had any patience for a person like me. I was basically against everything they stood for, i suppose. I started to question the aforementioned sanctity of life thinking, “if i shanked one of these jagoffs, would anyone notice? Really?”

Anyhow, I was a vegetarian for quite a few years. I went vegan for about 8 months but I became skeletal because of my work schedule as well as my finances. I was too busy to make things and too broke to buy things pre-made. There was just nothing i could eat so i started eating cheese again and after about a month’s worth of shakes from Steak and Shake, i gained all my lovely weight back. Hooray!

I then met my now husband. He thought it was ‘cute’ that i didn’t eat meat so he tried to have meatless frozen dinners for when i would come to visit. Mmmm. Yummy. Not! When we moved in together, we settled into those sickeningly domestic roles of “I’ll cook and clean, you mow and take out the garbage.” It got too difficult to make two separate meals so i gave in and started eating flesh again. Fast forward almost 8 years and I’m ready to make my move against meat.

As you may have read in an earlier post, my hubby and i started the Nutri-system diet and i have chosen the vegetarian option as a precursor. I have many reasons for doing this. One of them is that my toddler won’t touch meat no matter how i cook it. She chews it, then spits it out. Another reason is my middle child pretty much goes with the flow and as long as there’s food, she’ll eat it. Myself, well, I’ve always been lactose intolerant so cheese hurts, as does a milkshake. I’m wheat intolerant, too, but that one i’ll deal with accordingly. I think the main reason is that whole environmental thing. Going green. You can’t avoid it anymore. Even celebrities are like “i like meat and all, but if it helps get Obama elected, I’ll stop” or whatever lame reasoning those creeps have. I don’t even care anymore, as long as people start doing something. Anything, really. I even called my garbage company and asked for two more recycle bins because i know i can throw more stuff in there and NOT in the local landfill.

I’m listening to my beautiful, wonderful Edward Norton narrate and host a program on channel eleven that i am DVRing to watch later. He’s talking about our country going to shit. Depressing. He said “it’s not enough to do just one thing anymore, we have to do more, but if only one thing is what you’re willing to do, then stop with those little plastic grocery bags. Many countries have banned them already. Why not us, also?” I love him.

Vegan is definitely the ultimate goal, or at least mostly vegan so i bought an arsenal of books online tonight, all of which i have posted in my blog for you to look at and then go purchase for yourselves.

Here’s a link to cupcakes made by my friend Natalie. They are vegan cookies and creme and i think she did a nice looking job, don’t you? you should tell her so. Chicks love compliments. And presents.

Vegan Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

So this will conclude my post on hopefully going vegan. My only issue will be dealing with all the extra gas from all those delicious veggies. I’m gonna have to buy up some stock in beano. Ahem.


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Wow…so much to do

As i had previously posted, my first gig is coming up on Saturday. I am thrilled but each day I realize there is something else i need to do. I want this to be the kind of thing where you just call me up, tell me what you want, and i bring over my own card table, tablecloth(with cupcakes on it, of course), stands and tiered cake platters, name cards, etc. and for a fee you don’t have to worry about anything. So now i realize that I can’t just borrow a kitchen torch anymore, i have to actually buy one of my own. I have a feeling the mini creme brulees are going to be huge. I can’t wait to take pictures for all to see of the finished product…the table with everything on it, looking beautiful and quite delicious. Coming Saturday night! Stay tuned!

As i said before, i’m now going to speak my peace about going green…grrr…

Don’t force me to do things. The second you tell me I HAVE to do something is the second it becomes obsolete for me. That’s just my biology and I’m not going to apologize for it.  I have three recycle bins on my back porch and by Monday am they are overflowing with crap so don’t whine at me about switching cars or buying canvas grocery bags. I recycle the plastic ones…what? I also donated my time to a bird rescue a while back. After that, i rescued one dog, one lizard, one bird, and two cats from certain death. I feel sorta bad that our planet is going to shit but there is only so much i, as one person, can do. I was a vegetarian for years, was vegan for just under a year, and personally, i think that is probably the one thing that we can all do on a singular level to help with the environment. No, I’m not a veg now, sorry. I have a nasty wheat intolerance and all i DID was eat bread and pasta products so that idea is scrapped for me. My daughter is, though, and i support her100% even though her dad routinely makes fun of her and constantly asks me where she got such an idea. I tell him she got it from her lesbian witch group that meets on Friday nights. Douchebag. Anyways…my point was stop trying to make me feel guilty, America! I’m doing what i can right now and yes, when i open my bakery, i will recycle every damn thing. Until then, suck on it!

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