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Bridal Shower Fun!

Okay, so it wasn’t THAT much fun. I worked my butt off, although, you’d think it would be smaller. Oh well! So remember these little buggers? My cake disaster that i mushed into balls and stuck in the freezer? I resurrected them zombie-style for yesterday. My hostess told me she needed some type of party favor and i told her i had a great idea!! Bakerella (look to the right-she’s in my blogroll) had a post about buying a peanut butter cup mold and making tiny little ‘cupcake’ bites. I’m not going to bother with detailed directions, she has those on her site. Instead, I’m going to thrill you with pictures! Here are the balls being formed. I put them back into the freezer to firm up again after being in my nice, warm hands.

Next, they are being pushed into the melted chocolate. Just try to get the melted chocolate to crawl all the way up the sides of the mold. It makes for a better cupcake effect.

Then they were topped with purple and pink melted white chocolate, which in all reality is vanilla. There’s no chocolate whatsoever in white chocolate. I think it just makes people feel better to call it that. Whatevs.

Then i dusted them with sprinkles and a mini m&m. You know, to look like a cherry or whatever. Super cute!

Here’s me working soooooo hard at these. (Note the Jessie Steele apron. Also in my blogroll. Buy one. Now.) They weren’t difficult, per say, just tedious as all get out. You better really like the person you are making them for, or you will be cursing the whole time, like i was. Not that I didn’t like her, but I’m indifferent towards the lady she ordered them for. Anywho!

Here is the final product. They got ooohs and aaahs from the guests and that’s all my giant ego really requires. Oh, and yes, i did indeed make the tag. I scrapbook, too, so i had scalloped edge scissors already hanging around my house. And nothing better to do on a Friday night, apparently.

Here are some more pictures of the bridal shower. Yes, I did everything, including the cucumber sandwiches (i know, right?) and the scones (scones? wtf?) with clotted cream. God that just sounds gross. Clotted cream. *Shudders* Anyways, you probably figured out it was an English tea party theme. Enjoy the pictures!

She placed the mini cupcake bites around a candle. It looked pretty. They did not catch fire, thankfully.

These were mini carrot cakes, mini banana walnut, mini cappuccino chip, and mini lemon angel cakes.

Then we have cucumber sandwiches with some sort of mayonnaise/ cream cheese mixture. I flattened the bread, piped on the stuff, carefully placed the cucumbers marinated in red wine vinegar, dusted them paprika, and cut them into fours. They were placed on lettuce leaves to keep the bread moist.

Here are the scones. My very first attempt and she tells me they were the best she’s ever had, and that’s not just a compliment, that’s a COMPLIMENT. She used to live in England. Whaaaat? I know, she was in the military, though. But still, she knows her scones. And while my version of clotted cream wasn’t what she’s had, it was still tasty, and as she put it, “Like any of these hillbillies will know the difference.” Right on, Pats!

Here is the “cake,” complete with flowers that were actually recycled from my mother’s day gift. I couldn’t believe they kept all week, so i used them. They were beautiful!! Oh, the other ‘theme’ of the shower was advice, so the hostess asked me to make cake toppers that had marital advice. Since I am previously divorced, i did not think i was best suited to come up with this stuff on my own. So, I perused the internet.

Here are some of the flags pre-cake topped. Yes, some of them are quite lame. What do you want from a girl whose best marital advice would be “don’t do it to begin with” ?

Oh, and just so we’re clear, NONE of this was vegan.

I hope you enjoyed my post on an English Tea Party/ Good Advice Bridal shower.

Now, go call your friend Randi and have some coffee while you talk about your neighbors, like I’m going to.

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