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Nut Cheese!


So, this will be my second blog in a row where I review a product. I hope that doesn’t alienate any of my faithful readers. But it begs the question- do I actually have any faithful readers? Better yet- why in the hell do I have faithful readers? Strange. Anyhow. Today’s item is something that is taking the vegan world by storm. I’ve been reading about it on every vegan blog and webzine out there so I had to check out the hype for myself. Here goes….

I first heard about Dr. Cow’s Tree Nut Cheese in one of my issues of VegNews magazine. Tree nut cheese is exactly what is sounds like- cheese made from tree nuts. But wait- there’s more. It’s raw, too. *in annoying Monica Gellar voice* I know!!

When I visited their website, I discovered they made a product called ‘cashew cream cheese.’ My heart leapt with joy. I checked out all the sites they claimed carried their products and none of them carried the cashew cream cheese. My heart sank. Plus, the one place I found that carried the regular cheese did not have any in stock. I was wicked bummed but I put myself on their mailing list to hear about when they got it in stock again. That happened about two weeks ago and pictured above is what I recieved via UPS last week. On the left is aged cashew and on the right is aged cashew with blue green algae. (I hear it’s good for you, that’s why I picked that one.) So, with shipping, these two little tiny itty bitty wheels of cheese were about $23. Ouch. The verdict? Worth every penny.

0021I tried each separately, then each on top of a cracker. I didn’t like the one with the blue green algae as much as I loved the one without it, and the opposite was true for my friend who was also tasting both, kind of like my wingman if I decided I wanted to cut and run the hell away from this stuff.  There was no need for that, however. The plain cashew cheese was smooth and creamy, with no gritty texture at all, which surprised me. The cashew with the blue green algae was also smooth and creamy, but with a certain tang at the finish. These were very delicious indeed.

Now, I want you take a couple things into consideration. First, I make a killer macaroni and cheese using pureed cashews as my ‘cheese’ sauce and it’s my favorite thing on the planet. So yes, this was right up my proverbial alley. Also, these little wheels are meant to be used as an artisinal cheese, not something you grate and put onto your tempeh tacos. Plus, it’s fairly pricey and in these uncertain economic times, you’re better off waiting until your Whole Foods carries it, or whatever your local health food store is. If you’re insistent, here’s where I got it from. It’s worth mentioning that I did not opt for the cold packs to be shipped with the cheese because when I ordered it, it was subzero outside my house. Naturally, when they arrived, it was seventy degrees out. It doesn’t seem to have adversely affected the cheese, or maybe it has and I just don’t know any better. Regardless, it’s yummy.

Thanks for reading and next time, a delicious recipe for coconut chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream! Yum!


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