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Keepin’ It Green

005First up, we would like to thank our friends over at ReusableBags.com for their generosity in sending one of these interesting little devices. (You rule, n8!) A few months back, I went to order two of these (one for me, one for my cheapo mother) and the website told me they were out of stock. Come to find out, they’re hand made by the hard working indigenous peoples of……..wherever, and they only make like two a year or some crap like that. Okay, so I *might* be exaggerating a bit. But they are definitely hand made from sustainable wood using fair trade and wage practices, so that’s pretty cool. And at $15.95 a piece, they’re also a steal, in this reviewer’s opinion. Here’s a fun fact pulled right from the product description on their website:

“If you purchased one box of plastic baggies and washed / reused each bag 30 times you’d save approximately $100.00. Plus you’d help save precious non-renewable resources by consuming nearly 1,000 fewer bags. It’s a win for you and for our environment!”

I know that sounds like a chore but have you seen Wall-E?  That’s the kinda crap we’re headed for if we don’t stop throwing stuff away like it’s no big deal. I don’t buy plastic baggies anymore, I stopped about 6 months ago. It’s driving my husband nuts because now I put his crackers or chips into plastic containers. We’ve discussed this before, he and I. As long as I’m the one who does the dishes, I will decide how many dishes I have to wash, and honestly, a few more plastic containers in my dishwasher do not bother me one bit. Now, to make things easier, when I stopped buying baggies, I went to ReusableBags.com and bought eight Happy Sacks, four in small and four in large.

007The large ones are sandwich sized and the small ones are perfect for a handful of wheat thins or a few chocolate chip cookies. They have an easy to clean inner lining that is not PVC and seriously, if your kids take lunch to school like mine do, you know just how many of those plastic baggies are getting tossed in the trash each year. To me, that’s sickening. Now, with shipping, all 8 of these were about $65 if i recall correctly, but they are super cute and you’ll save at least that in one year over buying those baggies, so they’ll pay for themselves eventually. Wait til your kid comes home and tells you about all the oohs and aahs they got at the lunch table over these!

The product details say that you can throw them in the washing machine but to make them last longer, you should hand wash them. That’s where the aforementioned bag drier comes in! When I went to order it, *this* is what I wanted it for. Of course, with all the baking that I do, it will also be nice to wash my pastry bags and let them dry on the counter. That’s what we like to call “awesomeness.”

The bag and bottle dryer is easy to put together and take apart. If you don’t like it sitting on your counter, there is an eye screw at the top where you can place a hook and hang it from your ceiling. Just remove the base and voila! When you’re not using it, it comes apart and fits nicely into whatever cabinet or drawer you feel like cramming it into.0081

I enjoy having one of these. Now I feel like I can buy those freezer bags again for my vegetables and fruits during the summer months. I tried so hard last year to use plastic containers to store my produce but it’s just not the same. I think the bag and bottle dryer is a great product and worth every penny. I would also like to say that both of my orders came with a complimentary ACME bag, a collapsible grocery tote with a loop for hanging on my keyring. I keep one in my car and one, well, on my keyring, dammit.

009Here is a picture of me that my daughter Carmen took while i was writing this blog. Can’t say I don’t love argyle, because you would be lying.

Until next time….


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