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Adventures in baby-ing

olivia¬†outsideI can’t refer to hanging out with my child as babysitting, it’s ignorant and just plain wrong, so i call it ‘baby-ing.’ Tomorrow it will probably have a different name such as “adventures with the pain in the ass child” or “adventures in talking constantly without saying an intelligible word.” Today, she refused to eat her yogurt. It’s pretty tasty yogurt, the stonyfield farm organic variety with cereal in it. Who knows why, possibly because it’s not in finger food form. Or maybe she has been eating the same damn yogurt for three months since she stopped eating jarred baby food for no apparent reason. She’s such a jerk sometimes. I’m curious as to why I haven’t lost like 80 pounds in the last six months. I don’t think i have sat down for more than five minutes at a time during the 13 hours she’s awake. She won’t sit down to drink her milk or juice so i let her carry it around. If she gets quiet, it means that she’s trying to empty the “spill-proof” cup out onto my microfiber couch. FYI- those cups aren’t spill-proof. (I hate sippy cups. Why can’t they drink bottles till they’re like 5? who cares about crooked teeth? they’re just going to fall out anyway.) I constantly have to find her and take her cup away and put it on the table or counter. She’s such a stinker, i want to just smoosh her face sometimes.

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